Warren: The envy of AFSPC

Commentary by Col. Mike Carey, 90th Space Wing commander

12/18/2006 - F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- Whew--what a year! We knocked down challenge after challenge with unbelievable grit, style and determination. It's no wonder we are the envy of the command. In 2006 we saw huge events like two grueling Missile Standardization Evaluation and Training inspections, an incredibly demanding NSI, a world-class nuclear response exercise Cheyenne Frontier Days, a formal passing of tradition from the 90t Bomb Group and certification to put Peacekeeper warheads on the Minuteman III. The list goes on, and each was an absolute grand slam for Warren.

And the challenges continue. The release of the Quadrennial Defense Review emphasized the viability of the Minuteman III ICBM to 2020. We're almost half way through our life extension program replacing the guidance and propulsions systems. We just started replacing the environmental control system and upgrading all primary access hatches. While other major DoD programs have fallen victim to the budget axe, the Air Force continues to invest heavily in our nuclear deterrent capability. There's a lot of future in who we are and what we do.

Although our weapon system has seen and continues to see significant change, one thing has remained constant -- the quality of our Airman -- and it has never been higher. This holiday season, please place special emphasis on yourselves and your family. Each of you deserves a break, and I hope you can find time to do whatever brings you the most joy. Without over stating the obvious, please be careful out there. Use your seatbelt and other appropriate safety equipment, don't drive weary or intoxicated, live 0-0-1-3 and always have plan and a wingman.

Thank you for a truly outstanding year it is definitely one for the ages. I don't know what 2007 will bring but with a team like you, I welcome any challenge that comes our way. The best is yet to come!